My experience in General Hospital St. George of Chania

I was in Chania on holidays on the last 17th of august.

I had a serious neurological problem: a chronic subdural hematoma.

I couldn’t move the right side of my body so I called an ambulance and I went to the Emergency of the General Hospital St. George.

We found excellent doctors who solved the problem in the best way, explaining to me all the details of my problem and what the operation consisted of.

The nurses took care of me with humanity and professionalism.

Any day I spent in General Hospital I felt as I were in my country.

I’m sure I couldn’t get a better assistance all over Europe!

I just want to thank all of them from the deep of my heart.

All over Europe we keep on talking about economic and financial concerns.

I think we would rather talk about people who save life every day, with humanity and high sense of responsibility without thinking about money!

I’ll publish my sanitary experience history on international web sites because I want everybody knows this Greek excellence!

Lamberto Morosini (Italy, Milano)

2 Replies to “My experience in General Hospital St. George of Chania”

  1. Dear Sir – Madam.
    On the 15th of this month, I had an examination and assessment of a lump on my cheek, at your hospital.
    After waiting for 4 hours, an orderly started to look for my admission papers: only to find them oin a rubbish bag I a hallway.
    I was examined by an dermatologist and given a salve Mopirodcin Target to be applied twice a day, morning and evening.
    The Doctor told me, if it makes no difference In 7 days I shall ring 28210 22000 for an appointment to cut it out. No times of communication were mentioned.
    I did as asked, however there is no service for English or German speaking people.
    As I suffer from PPMS, ITP AND HAVE ONLY 18% sight, this is very frustrating indeed.

    Please let me know of a appointment, suitable to you.

    Yours sincerely

    Schloegel Peter

  2. As an expat from England living permanently in the Chania region for 13 years, I have been treated at the Chania Hospital on a number of occasions from kidney failure to a badly cut leg with a chain saw, each time the treatment was the best I have ever had anywhere, the best Doctors and nursing giving me a very friendly and personal manner, I cannot fault them in any way.

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