Roman Abramovic’ “Eclipse” luxury yacht at the Venetian Harbour of Chania (photos)

The luxurious yacht “Eclipse” of Russian Roman Abramovic is located in the Venetian Port of Chania.

The yacht was anchored northeast of the harbor entrance, so as not to obstruct the navigation.

Due to the length and depth of the vessel it was not possible to come into the old port.

This is the second time (after 2013) for the luxurious yacht to arrive in Chania.

It is 164 meters in length and has two helipads, 24 suites – hostels, two swimming pools and discos.

It also has three auxiliary boats and a mini submarine with the ability to dive in 50 meters, while the crew consists of 70 people.

Moreover, the yacht has rocket launchers, bulletproof windows, as well as shields and laser technology.

The luxury yacht arrived in Crete from Dubrovnik, but it is not clear if the Russian owner of Chelsea F.C. is among the passengers.

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