PM Tsipras: The benefits of development must diffuse into society

We will move forward to fight against inequalities. We want a kind of development the benefits of which will diffuse into society, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said during his speech at the Regional Conference on Productive Reconstruction in Heraklion, Crete, describing the productive model the government is planning.

According to the Prime Minister, this new model cannot be based on intensive labour, but on the intensity of knowledge, and Crete can become a model region. Even if some people try to convince us that the country can become more competitive by reducing wages, there will always be another country next to us that will have lower wages than ours, he noted.

Tsipras stressed that as much as they try to convince us that this is the problem or taxation is the problem, the problem is that we have the wrong strategic goal. We need to invest in our comparative advantages and one of them is the human potential. Greece has new scientists, specialized scientists. We must therefore invest in a productive, knowledge-intensive, and not labour-intensive model, he said in his speech.

Moreover, he underlined the importance of exploiting hydrocarbon deposits in the southeastern Mediterranean, which has brought Crete on the focus of oil companies, and noted that all these projects together will increase the importance of Crete and create jobs, adding that the strictest standards of international practice on environmental protection will be respected.


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