Researchers’ Night celebrated on Friday in many Greek cities, including Rethymno and Heraklion

European Researchers’ Night is taking place for 12th consecutive year on Friday in Athens. The European institution is organised every year in over 300 cities throughout Europe and will once again offer the public an opportunity to get acquainted with the people of science.

It is a Europe-wide public event dedicated to popular science and fun learning. It takes place each year on the last Friday in September.

The central event will be held at the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center in Tavros and, in parallel, at the Metsovion Polytechnic (National Technical University of Athens) on Patission street.

The event at Hellenic Cosmos is organised by the National Observatory of Athens and includes presentations, demonstration of experiments, science-based activities designed for school children, interactive workshops for teachers, competitions and other special events for all. Visitors will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with several new innovative technological feats of Greek scientists.

Among the exhibits presented will be an functioning model of the Greek satellite UPSat and the land station SatNOGS, the small airplane HERMES made by the NTUA’s space-engineering group EUROAVIA and a high performance single-seat electric vehicle created by the UoP Racing team of Patras University.

A series of events will be held also in the cities of Kalamata, Iraklio and Rethymno on Crete, Corinth and Xanthi.


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