Chania Tourism Pros Call for Crisis Management Plan in Time of Disruptions

Tourism professionals in the Crete city of Chania are calling on all stakeholders to draw up an action plan for the island’s promotion as well as a mode of operation in times of disruption.

Days after Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair cancelled a number of its flights to Crete, the Western Crete Tourist Office Association presented a five-point plan which should take effect when incidents impacting tourism occur.

“Ryanair’s latest action and rumored internal company conflicts undoubtedly create a great deal of concern for Chania’s tourism sector,” the association said in a statement adding that in the short-term “impact on the labor market, the flow of incoming tourism and the cost of transport are given. However, this development is a unique occasion for all those involved in tourism in Chania to identify the challenges ahead”.

In its statement the association underlines the need to safeguard the “vulnerable” tourist product ensuring access via diverse means, avoiding monopolistic practices and dependency on single service providers.

It further stresses the need to proceed with the upgrade of Souda port and of Kastelli airport in order to attract new airlines interested in doing business and underlines that the Ryanair incident is an opportunity to set things straight and invest in Chania’s branding and promotion on the international market, which will boost demand and thus shield the sector from future disruptions.

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