Increased airport charges influenced Ryanair’s decision to cancel Chania flights

David O’Brien, Ryanair’s commercial director, during a press conference in Athens  on Wednesday said the company will launch 23 new routes from Greece to European destinations and also reinstate flights to Chania  for the 2018 summer season.”

Thirteen of the new routes will operate from Athens. O’Brien made the point that the expansion  of the company’s Athens operation is due to the fact that Athens airport responded to the company’s demand for a reduction in airport costs.

By contrast Fraport has increased airport charges in the 14 regional airports it manages, including Chania.

O’Brien added that one of the airline’s considerations in their decision to suspend flights from and to Chania  was airport costs.

O’Brien said the local Chania community should contact  Fraport Greece, the airport’s administration, to resolve the issue.

“ The (Fraport) airports haven’t gotten any better; they just got more expensive,” O’ Brien said.

The new 13 new routes from Athens:

Vilnius (2 weekly), Wroclav (2 weekly), Gdansk (2 weekly), Rzeszow (1 weekly), Katowice (2 weekly), Krakow (2 weekly), Memmingen (2 weekly), Baden Baden (2 weekly), Billund (1 weekly), Poznan (2 weekly) and Frankfurt (1 daily)

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5 Replies to “Increased airport charges influenced Ryanair’s decision to cancel Chania flights”

  1. Simple solution for ryanair is to stop cases in hold and put deck chairs in hold for extra passengers who would pay extra airport charges.tghis is your solution

  2. I see that Ryanair are cancelling flights to Chania thereby leaving Crete passengers without flights.
    May I suggest that Ryanair should pack up and go home to Ireland and let other airlines take over the slots that are presently held by Ryanair.There are other airlines waiting in the wings willing to take over from Ryanair and would give a regular all year round service. It has come out recently why Ryanair are cancelling flights all over Europe and it is that pilots are leaving Ryanair for better pay and conditions elsewhere.

  3. Is there a rumor that since Ryanair want passengers to take only cabin luggage with them it now leaves more room in the cargo hold of their planes. If that it the case there is a rumor that Ryanair will install deck chairs in the cargo hold for extra passengers????????

  4. As we all know full well, Ryanair do not pay airport charges anywhere, they are paid by the airports to attract passengers who will spend in the airport shops.
    Looks like Fraport are not happy to continue this idea so O’Brian is cutting his losses

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