The Amphibious MotoCross in Falassarna! (video)

Panagiotis Dentakis, a MotoCross rider & businessman from Falasarna Greece, introduces “The Amphibious MotoCross”.

A bike that travels in land & sea. It seems to be the second time worldwide that a successful amphibious MotoCross Bike is presented (1st is Robbie Maddison under the sponsoring of powerful companies).

The Greek Amphibious MotoCross project, was inspired, planned and impemented by the rider himself, without being sponsored by famous companies and brand names.

Panagiotis managed to complete his own project with the help of his own business “Frutolahaniki Kritis” and some friends. Panagiotis has the luck to be born, live & do business at Falalarna (Kissamos, Crete, Greece), a blessed by the God place, with the famous Falasarna beach.

All the testings, shots and action of the project took place there.


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