“Kazantzakis”… the movie (video)

Through this film our aim is to promote the fascinating personality of Nikos Kazantzakis, as well as the enchanting scenery of Greece that molded him into the man he became.

The great Cretan writer used to say that his life was defined by his travels and his dreams.

This is exactly what the director is planning to achieve with this film;

His journeys to Germany, Austria, Russia, France and Mount Sinai and through these experiences, to also show his philosophical and metaphysical quests.

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  1. Just received a notice from my dear friend Eleni about the magnificent Kazantzakis film by Yannis Smaragdis. I’ll put the trailer below. Even if one doesn’t speak Greek but knows Nikos’ through his books — and his wife’s chronicle of their life together — the might and power of its spirit vividly shine through. I’ll post the remarks about Eleni Kazantzakis inviting me to her home in Geneva, Switzerland one afternoon in the late summer of 1988. When I arrived and handed her flowers at the door, she took my arm and said, “Come to my kitchen table and I’ll treat you like family.” (We talked for five hours!). -G.R.

  2. I visited the museum and bought his biography.A fascinating man..
    I live in Sapin and would love to get the dvd of the film..
    Can anyone give me information????thank you.

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