What is going on with the sterilization of stray animals in Chania?

During the last few months a carefully planned effort has been undertaken in Chania by a small group of local vets, the Μunicipal vet, certain Μunicipal authorities and the State Veterinary Service of Chania to foil the free program of sterilizing stray animals.

Their arguments are untenable, unrealistic, untruthful and selfish.The program is materialized legally by European voluntary vets in cooperation with the Municipality of Chania and is unanimously approved by the Municipal Council.

Τhese individuals act against the city of Chania, which has been overrun by stray animals, and disdain volunteerism. Their actions are deeply anti‐animal loving and aim to serve the financial interest of some local vets.Moreover, from the side of certain municipal authorities there is an effort to supplant the volunteer citizens who care for the strays of our city, body and soul.
Their purpose is to “cleanse” the city from the stray animals through starvation and death.

Will we allow this?

Let’s all vote to put an end to their ominous practices and actions against animals.
We vote
FOR the cooperation of Chania city with the European volunteer Vets!
FOR the cooperation of ALL VOLUNTEER VETS, regardless of their nationality!

In order to safely neuter as many stray animals as possible!


5 Replies to “What is going on with the sterilization of stray animals in Chania?”

  1. Greeks are terrible with animals. Never go on holiday there. Starve them of tourist money until they improve.

  2. This will affect tourism to Crete, a lot of tourists contribute towards the animals and without their help you would be in a terrible state, for this to happen when people are trying to help you is stupid and short sighted. This has to be sorted and the local vets made to see that they are not helping the situation and they will lose business. Think about the animals

  3. What the hell is wrong with you. You create the problems in the first place, do absolutely nothing about it in the second place and refuse to allow those who really care to try and right your wrongs without asking you for anything other than peace and quiet and the time to do their job, which is actually your job. And NO killing any stray animal is not the answer.
    For a highly religious country you have a damn strange way of showing your love and respect for all – animals and humans.
    Stuff your egos back up your ass and let the vets and volunteers get on with undertaking the work you should be doing.

  4. Until the Greek council, the Cretan mayor and the local veterinarions take their job serious I’ll stay home in Norway for my vacations in the future.
    An I also urges anyone else to do the same.
    Animal abuse and animal cruelty should not be swept under the carpet.

  5. Time for Chania council to tell the vets to go stuff themselves and allow the volunteer vets to get on with job in hand. They have government permission and licences. This is all about greed and local private vets thinking they are being done out of money for a job they do not want to do otherwise they would have volunteered!

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