What is going on with the sterilization of stray animals in Chania?

During the last few months a carefully planned effort has been undertaken in Chania by a small group of local vets, the Μunicipal vet, certain Μunicipal authorities and the State Veterinary Service of Chania to foil the free program of sterilizing stray animals.

Their arguments are untenable, unrealistic, untruthful and selfish.The program is materialized legally by European voluntary vets in cooperation with the Municipality of Chania and is unanimously approved by the Municipal Council.

Τhese individuals act against the city of Chania, which has been overrun by stray animals, and disdain volunteerism. Their actions are deeply anti‐animal loving and aim to serve the financial interest of some local vets.Moreover, from the side of certain municipal authorities there is an effort to supplant the volunteer citizens who care for the strays of our city, body and soul.
Their purpose is to “cleanse” the city from the stray animals through starvation and death.

Will we allow this?

Let’s all vote to put an end to their ominous practices and actions against animals.
We vote
FOR the cooperation of Chania city with the European volunteer Vets!
FOR the cooperation of ALL VOLUNTEER VETS, regardless of their nationality!

In order to safely neuter as many stray animals as possible!


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