What is going on with the public toilets in Almerida and Kalyves?

Dear Sirs,

Some months ago I brought up the condition of the public toilets in both Almerida and Kalyves.

I am sorry to report that nothing has been done since  to bring these toilets up to 2017 standards.

They are still in a very dirty condition and you could smell these toilets a mile away.

What sort of local authority do we have in Vrisses who just leave these toilets in such a condition?

At this stage we need a number of non Greeks on the Demos Council who would see to it that the Demos were doing their job.

It looks as if the present Demos is only a ‘’Talking Shop’’ and nothing else.

I am now pleading with the Demos to close these toilets until further notice and get in builders to bring these toilets up to a European standard.

The Health and Safety people should inspect the present condition of these toilets.

The tourists will arrive back on Crete in March next and we need to give these tourists a good impression.

At present we cannot give visitors a good impression.

Shame on the present Demos who promised the earth when elected but have fallen down on the job.

Yours Faithfully,

Brian M. Smith
Originally from Ireland

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