“Save Our Post Office!” A message from expats in Vamos to the Hellenic Post!

Many expats living in villages of Apokoronas are served at the moment by a franchise of the Hellenic Post in Vamos, because the main post office is located at Vrysses.

Many people are too old to go from Vamos to Vrysses and get their letters or parcels.

They have already created a FB group, in order to “send a message” to the Hellenic Post… not to close the franchise by the end of the year.

Mayor of Apokoronas, Mr. Charalambos Koukianakis, will also be informed for their major problem, if there is any possibility to solve it.

As they write in ther group… “our villages are served at the moment by a franchise, but it will be shut at the end of the year. Because this area is quite rural, many people have to go to tavernas and mini markets to pick up letters. This is not secure, there has been theft and stuff going missing. E.LT.A. want to use Vrysses as the main parcel and registered letterbase, meaning you will have to travel there to collect any parcels or registered mail. Many people are old and do not have the transport  and we would have thought internationally mail should arrive at the recipients door. We don’t ask for that, just maintain the service that has worked over the years. The “save the post office” is referring to Vamos”.

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  1. It will be no harm if ELTA took back control of Vamos post office.This post office will not accept credit cards which is against Government regulations.They leave letters in a box in each village taverna.Anyone can take any letters which are not for them including bank statements. this could lead to bank theft which is very serious matter.

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