Union work stoppage to alter Olympic Air flights on Thursday

Olympic Air’s flight services will be affected on Thursday due to the four-hour work stoppage called by the telecommunication employees of the Civil Aviation Authority between 08:00-12:00.

Their union is taking part in a 24-hour general strike called by umbrella public sector union ADEDY. The labour action will affect the departure times of the following flights:

  • OA10 ATH-JNX Athens-Naxos 06:50-07:35 instead of 07:05-07:50
  • OA11 JNX-ATH Naxos-Athens 07:55-08:40 instead of 08:10-08:55
  • OA2 ATH-AOK Athens-Karpathos 11:05-12:10 instead of 10:30-11:35
  • OA3 ΑΟΚ-ΑΤΗ Karpathos-Athens 12:35-13:40 instead of 12:00-13:05
  • OA30 ATH-LRS Athens-Leros 11:05-12:05 instead of 09:25-10:25
  • OA31 LRS-ATH Leros- Athens 12:25-13:25 instead of 10:45-11:45
  • OA60 ATH-PAS Athens-Paros 11:25-12:05 instead of 08:20-09:00
  • OA61 PAS-ATH Paros-Athens 12:30-13:10 instead of 09:25-10:05

For updated information, passengers are advised to visit the company’s website www.olympicair.com or call the numbers: 801 801 0101 (from landline), 210 3550500 (from mobile).


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