Refillable olive oil containers to be abolished as of Jan 1

Olive oil available to consumers at food-serving outlets will have to be packaged in non-reusable containers as of January 1, 2018.

Fines of 500 euros will be imposed on those who will violate the regulation.

The Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants will issue a relevant announcement over the next days, but the industry is ready and no extension will be needed.

The measure was proposed to the Finance ministry in order to ensure the quality of olive oil and to better protect consumers.

2 Replies to “Refillable olive oil containers to be abolished as of Jan 1”

  1. Isn’t one of the pleasures of having a Greek holiday getting away from European bureaucracy?
    Tourists and locals alike have enjoyed consuming oil from carafes or open bottles for years and I am not aware of this practice causing any illness.
    Get a grip, Europe, and stop adding another hardship to the local oil producers and taverna owners.

  2. Isn’t every bottle refillable? Isn’t that the nature of a bottle?!? If they mean resealable then maybe look back into old methods of sealing bottles….wax maybe? If all else fails serve it in a jug!

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