Greece becoming a year-round destination, InSETE data suggests

Tourist arrivals in Greece continued their upward trend in November, showing that Greece is becoming a year-round destination, according to a monthly report by the Greek Tourism Confederation Institute (InSETE) released on Thursday.

InSETE said that traffic in major Greek airports for November registered a 6.2 pct rise (8.6 pct since the start of the year). Overall, regional airports registered a 7.3 pct rise in incoming tourists, while Athens registered a 5.8 pct rise (9.6 pct and 5.8 pct rise, respectively, since the start of the year).

The expansion of arrivals beyond the apex summer months of July (5.7 pct up) and August (5.9 pct up) was reflected in a strong rise in arrival percentages at other months: April (28.7 pct), May (6.6 pct), June (10.9 pct), September (8.6 pct), October (15.2 pct), and November (6.2 pct).

On the other hand, international arrivals by land dropped by 7.0 pct in November but are generally showing a rise on a year-to-year basis, since their increase from the beginning of the year remains strong, 7.6 pct.


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