Explosives-laden freighter ‘Kapetan Christos’ docks at Thessaloniki port

The freighter “Kapetan Christos” docked at Thessaloniki port on Friday morning so that the unloading of the 410 tonnes of confiscated explosives on board can begin. The 29 crates containing the explosives will be unloaded onto trucks during the course of the day and taken to an army camp in Serres for storage.

The Greek-flagged “Kapetan Christos” was used to carry the explosives confiscated on board the freighter “Andromeda” from the port of Iraklio to Thessaloniki. It had arrived at Thessaloniki port on Thursday morning but was unable to dock due to the bad weather and had laid anchor just outside the port instead, to wait until conditions improved.

The “Andromeda” was intercepted by the Greek coast guard off the coast of Crete and its crew arrested on suspicion that they were bound for Libya. EU rules currently forbid the transportation and sale of weapons and explosives to that country.


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