Greek hospitals struggling over equipment shortages

Eight years of austerity has had a major impact on the efficacy of public hospitals, leaving several lacking key equipment or barely coping with old machines that frequently malfunction, Kathimerini understands.

According to recent research carried out by the union of Greek public hospital workers (POEDIN), at least 16 state hospitals do not have a CT scanner and another 25 have old machines that often break down.

“Many of the machines are close to the end of their shelf life,” POEDIN chief Michalis Giannakos told Kathimerini. “There have been no investments in new equipment for eight years,” he said, adding that any new machines were donations or purchased with European subsidies.


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  1. So the EU are now putting greek lives at risk due to enforced austerity measures. The EU are so caring about their member states that they allow the poor and helpless to suffer. Greece is a proud nation being brought to its knees by an uncaring eurocratic dictatorship.

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