Cretans Ride Horses to Macedonia Rally in Thessaloniki

Cretans are well-known for their unique cultural habits and life-long customs. This time, a group of them decided to take their horses along with them to Sunday’s rally in Thessaloniki against the use of “Macedonia” in the FYROM name dispute.

The Cretans left the island in traditional local dresses and riding their horses. They were carrying banners against the use of the “Macedonia” term, with slogans such as “when traitors rule, patriots are to blame”.

The group left Crete on Friday evening, from the Heraklion port and arrived in Thessaloniki by boat, Saturday morning, with traditional Cretan “madinada” singers among them.

On their way to Thessaloniki, the group made a couple of stops to take photographs of their journey – the first was in front of the parliament building in downtown Athens, the second at the Thermopylai Leonidas’ statue, the place where he and his 300 Spartans made their stand against the Persians in ancient times.

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