My quest journey to Nepal! A man from Crete will build schools for children

“Live in a land of offerings and solidarity” / Become a member of my mission in the village ‘’Takure’’ of Nepal and discover more.

Name: Sarantis Simakis / Founder and creator of the volunteer  team “A.T.A.X.T.O.I.” , which is in Heraklion, Crete.

A few words about who I am

‘’ Travelling is the driver of explorations and my compass is the unresolved. ‘’

Each one of us defines how he wants to live his life and what he wants from it. For me offering and creating different projects has become an inseparable of my life.

On one of my journeys of volunteering in Greece while trying to network I met my friends Elpidoforo.  I was enchantingly inspired by their efforts and I wanted to become a part of this journey.

I reply the amazing experience of the voluntary journey in Nepal, that took place in April of 2017…

What I am going to do and how I came up with the idea of going  to Nepal ?

I am going to put my own little rock in the rebuilding of the homes that have been destroyed from the fierce earthquake in the beautiful village Takure. There we will work with the local villages whom I have heard are very welcoming people and we will co-operate with the organization Conscious impact and 25 other wonderful volunteers from Greece.

The Conscious impact organization produce with nature materials bricks safe from earthquakes and eco-friendly  which are cheaper and stronger from the regular traditional bricks which where developed and polluted the atmosphere. The CSEBC bricks cost 0,12 cents each one and it estimated that about 450£ is needed for about 3750 bricks that are needed for one house.

The idea was born inside me, when I saw Elpis and Dora become one with the locals and Greek volunteers for such an important purpose and gave hope and happiness to the residence of the village.

On their first trip due to time pressure and work I couldn’t go with them so I got a message recently to become a part of their effort and I did it without thinking twice about it.

How your donation with will help

You contribute to make that project a real thing for the reconstruction of 20 new houses and the boosting of the local community. More specific:

  • Building new houses for the local people of  Takure.

The deadly earthquake in April 2015 destroyed all the 240 houses in the area. The injured people were 6515 and the long term cost of reconstruction of Nepal is up to 5 millions dollars.

The government few days ago announced that the families who want to take the allowance of 3000£ , should built their home until June 2018 ! That means that the help is needed immediately.

What to expect from us :

  • The ten largest offers will be lottery for a unique gift from Nepal and a picture from beautiful places of Nepal.
  • When I will be back , I will represent to you my work and my experiences with photographs.
  • Those who will offer, you will have a gift from me.

I will be always available for you so I can provide any information in case to decide to participate in a similar project.

The more money will be gathered will be used for my personal expenditure for staying there and the rest for the project in Takure.

I want to thank you from my bottom of my heard for reading my story and your support, please share this message to your friends.

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