Ving Research: 91% of Swedes have vacationed Greece and want to return

Nine out of 10 Swedes (91%) have traveled to Greece for vacation and 92% want to return.

This is the finding of a survey conducted by the big Swedish tour operator Ving – belonging to the Thomas Cook group – on a sample of 23,025 Swedes.

Out of those, 13% have traveled only once in Greece for holidays, 27% two to three times, 23% four to five times and 37% more than 6 times.

Only 6% are not sure they want to do holidays in Greece, and only 2% refuse to.

More than 6 out of 10 (67%) said that (48%) prefer smaller islands such as Skiathos, Lesvos, Thassos and Skopelos, 8% prefer the hinterland including the Olympic Riviera (8%) and the popular islands of Crete and Rhodes while 5% elect large Greek cities such as Athens and Thessaloniki.

Greece is most popular with Swedish families, couples and young travelers and Ving offers for the first time, this year, travel programs at the Olympic Riviera.

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