Greek Culture Minister Visits Crete, Discusses Projects, Funding

Submitting a bid to inscribe Crete’s Minoan palatial centers and the islet of Spinalonga on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list topped the agenda of talks between Region of Crete Governor Stavros Arnaoutakis and Culture Minister Lydia Koniordou, who visited the island this week.

During her two-day visit, Koniordou met with municipal authorities, port officials and local stakeholders to discuss issues of culture and relevant projects currently underway, including the archaeological museums of Messara, Chania and Agios Nikiolaos, as well as ways to secure EU funding.

Arnaoutakis and Heraklion Mayor Vassilis Labrinos have repeatedly called for the inclusion of Minoan Civilization and Spinalonga island on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, most recently being in March last year during an UNESCO Committee Convention held in Heraklion.

Other issues covered included the promotion of Heraklion monuments such as Knossos and the Koules Fortress, improving the operation of shops at archaeological sites, and new sites set to undergo upgrades and restoration including the Kale Fortress, the Frangokastello castle, the archaeological sites of Knossos and Zakros.

Koniordou also proposed the creation of multipurpose spaces in collaboration with municipal authorities to offer diverse cultural options.


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