Romantic Couples Eye Greece for Valentine’s Day. Chania and Athens on top!

Two Greek cities have made it onto a list of the most-affordable destinations for romantic trips — coming in handy as St. Valentine’s Day gets closer.

According to a survey by the travel website Hoppa, Chania on the island of Crete and the capital of Greece, Athens, rank 6th and 20th as favorite destinations for romantic Britons.

Both cities won their place on the list taking into account prices related to the average cost of accommodation as well as daily meals and drinks per passenger per night.

Both Chania and Athens represent an ideal destination for Valentine’s Day for those couples who put traveling among their favorite presents.

The average cost of Chania does not exceed the €112 ($138), while Athens average cost remains around €150 ($185) per day.

Hotel accommodation in Chania is about €79 ($87) for an overnight stay on a double basis, making it the sixth most convenient romantic city in Europe, coming right after Kiev, Bucharest, Sofia, Istanbul and Andorra.

More traditional romantic destinations such as Paris and Venice, which have been attracting couples for years, are among some of the most expensive European destinations for a romantic getaway, with daily expenses ranging from €240 ($296) to €312 ($384).

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