7 out of 10 Danes would return for a holiday on Crete

Nine out of ten or 90.4% of Danes who have traveled to Greece for vacation want to return, according to a survey carried out by Spies Tour Operator.

The latter belongs to the Thomas Cook Group and conducted the survey on a sample of 10,198 Danes regarding their views of Greece as a tourist destination.

Young families, couples and travelers from Denmark showed a particular preference in the country, favoring it over numerous other destinations.

According to Spies’ communications manager Torben Andersen, over the last 2 years, the number of Danes that have visited visit Greece has grown by 20%.

Research shows that 89.4% have traveled to Greece while 42.2% have visited it more than 6 times, 21% between 4 to 5 times and 24.4% from 2 to 3 times.

Only 3.5% said they did not want to visit Greece again.

In relation to more specific destinations, 7 out of 10 favored larger Greek islands such as Crete and Rhodes where there are bigger deals in comparison to smaller islands like Skiathos, Lesvos, Thassos and Skopelos.

Others prefer the hinterland, the Olympic Riviera and only few the capital of Athens.

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