Fraport Greece: -5.1% traffic at 14 regional airports in January

Passenger traffic at the 14 regional airports run by Fraport Greece in January 2018 dropped by 5.1% compared to the corresponding month of 2017, with passengers totaling 549,506 passengers.

Thessaloniki Airport, the largest airport under the company’s management in Greece, serviced 309,586 passengers, down by 12.2% yoy.

The second largest, Rhodes, attracted 58,673 passengers, up by 6.3% from last year while the third largest in Chania, saw 43,255 passengers, down 36.2% from last year.

On the other hand, Greek airports are set to attract more than 55 million passengers in 2018 following a record year in 2017 at 58 million while significant passenger growth was recorded in Corfu airports (+ 31.3%), Kavala (+ 100%), Skiathos (+ 40%) and Kos (63.6%), as shown on the table below …

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  1. So what the piont in this art. to say that Fraport Greece is to blame for this down going no. ??
    what about the airports run by greek are they all goig up ???

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