Infrastructure Key to Attracting Winter Tourism to Crete

Ways to strengthen tourism flows to Crete in the winter months were the focus of a day event organized by the island’s trade associations in Rethymno this week.

Addressing the event titled “Winter Tourism on Crete”, the island’s regional governor Stavros Arnaoutakis invited stakeholders to work together in this effort while calling on the government to lend its hands-on support with initiatives and incentives.

“Throughout the years, the Region of Crete has supported the expansion of the tourist season… it is vital that all stakeholders work together to get the desired results,” Arnaoutakis said, adding that success hinges on the completion of important infrastructure works including the highly-anticipated Kastelli airport in Heraklio and the north road axis.

Referring to a private initiative the brought 50,000 German tourists to the island in winter, Arnaoutakis said: “We believe that it has gone very well. Suffice it to say that more than 1,000 employees who would have been on unemployment are now working in hotels and other tourist activities. This is very important.”

However the regional governor was quick to note: “The state must realise that without infrastructure, there can be no winter tourism.”

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