Stray animals – Corporate interests 10-0!!!

Charges pressed by the Panhellenic Veterinary Association (P.V.S) regarding the free sterilization programme conducted by volunteer European vets in October 2017 were filed away by the District Attorney’s Office of Chania as legally groundless while on February 23,24,26 2018,the Municipality of Chania successfully completed the free sterilization programme of stray animals, despite the incessant,imaginative,and ultimately sad attempt of the P.V.S, a private vet as well as the Veterinary Authority of Chania with the intention of terminating the programme.

The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation appreciating the obvious benefits of sterilization for the health and well-being of pet animals but also for society,pioneered in the last few years in Greece, establishing the institution of volunteer European vets,who in co-operation with the Municipalities of the country, offer their services and actualize free sterilization programmes of stray animals, allowing in this way, the utilization of available resources of the Municipalities in other fields concerning the care of and reduction of the stray animal population.

The volunteer European vets, experienced and serious scientists who offer their services in many countries of the world suffering financial strains, have sustained a merciless and immoral attack,not only from the trade-unionist private vets,but also from the the Veterinary Authority of Chania.The arguments which were formulated at their expense these days in Chania were racist,unprofessional,unscientific and untrue,and for this purpose the District Attorney’s Office of Chania filed away their charges.

Every Municipality in Greece which has decided to utilize the institution of volunteer European vets for the benefit of stray animals,the local community and the economy, underwent the attack of the trade-unionists of the P.V.S.The sole victims of the attack : the dozens of stray dogs and cats which uncontollably reproduce, and the local communities which are certurbed by the huge populations of animals.

For months now, it has been evident (from a simple navigation on the website) that the sole purpose and fixation of the trade-unionist private vets, was the abolition of the institution of free sterilizations by volunteer European vets.

In the last period, the P.V.S has targeted Chania as a series of previous erroneous decisions of the Mayor,mainly due to the selection of individuals,and created the groundwork for a racist,unscientific, short-sighted and corporate argumentativeness of trade-unionists in and adverse sense, hampering two consecutive programmes of free sterilizations of stray animals, resulting in negative consequences for animals, the local community, the economy and public health.

With continuous communication and conversations with the persons in charge, with publications of sound arguments and with the support of the Bar Association of Chania,we accomplished the return to reason and reversed the climate.The Mayor interpreted the facts, understood the motives of each side, listened to the arguments, and delegated, for the good of the town, the responsibility of stray animals to Mr.Michalis Vlachakis who has the culture and education to approach the issue with logic,and the courage for confrontation for the good of the local community.The new Deputy Mayor decided to actualize the unanimous decision of the City Council of Chania regarding the conduct of the programme of sterilization of stray animals on February 23,24 and 26.

The volunteers of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation and the association ” the protection of animals” were ready to assist in every way relating to the smooth conduct of the programme but also to intercept every attack by the trade-unionists of the P.V.S.,who as proven, do not lack in imagination.

From the day of the decision-making of the City Council of Chania until the day before the initiation of the programme, local private vets who had offered to contribute towards the actualization of the programme, were threatened and blackmailed in every way by their own colleagues!

On the morning of February 23, the new Deputy Mayor in charge,Mr.M.Vlachakis, the representative of the Board of Directors of the Bar Association of Chania,Mr.H.Zolindakis and the President of our Federation,Mrs.Mpompolaki, informed the District Attorney’s Office of Chania and following its assurance of the legality of the programme, the scheduled programme of the sterilizations of stray animals in the allocated accommodation of the Public Veterinary Office commenced.

As the volunteer European vets began their surgeries from 0900, so too did the pathetic attacks.

Act 1:

The Veterinary Authority of the Regional Unity of Chania was summoned, the employees by which, instead of contributing towards the beneficiary project of the reduction of the stray animal population attempted to, once again, intimidate the Mayor of Chania,having sent a letter the afternoon previous to the sterilizations,while on Friday they pinned up the letter!On the window of the public vet’s office addressed to the Mayor!The Deputy Mayor did not retreat.The European vets continued their volunteer work.

Act 2:

A private vet, former public vet,and as of today, a former member of the 5-member committee of the Municipality of Chania, regarding the management of stray animals and current trade-unionist of the P.V.S at Chania, states on Nea Television(,com/watch?time continue=26&v-ssh DkrcJgo) that the Veterinary Authority has decided to seal the Public Veterinary Office for public health reasons!The Deputy Mayor in charge was not afraid,the Veterinary Office was not sealed,the European vets continued their volunteer work.

Act 3:

On the afternoon of the same day,the police visited the accommodation upon reports of the aforementioned trade-unionist vet that the sealing of the Public Veterinary Office had supposedly been violated!The police had been informed that the information is false and the European vets continued their volunteer work.

Act 4:

On Saturday morning, after the disaster of the P.V.S on Friday, the trade-unionist of the P.V.S launched an accusation to the Drug Enforcement Agency, summoning them to check the Public Veterinary Office for illegal drugs!The Deputy Mayor contacted the D.E.A; the European vets continued their volunteer work.

Act 5:

On Monday morning, a report had been filed also with the Labor Inspection Office,the employees of which visited the accommodation to inspect the documents of the volunteer vets.The inspection was conducted without of course,a nything impeachable having been found; the European vets continued their volunteer work.

For three days the private vet in Chania in question, summoned the police, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Veterinary Authority, the Labour Inspection Office-all for one purpose: to cancel the programme of free sterilizations of 80 stray animals and to shamelessly celebrate, yet again,Panhellenically that she humiliated the Municipality of Chania and also the Animal Welfare Associations.Ultimately though, who would she have harmed with her actions?

Unfortunately the stray animals, the local community, public health and the economy.

Just like the previous time where eleven private vets of a total of 38 had requested the cancellation of the programme of free sterilizations, offer their services”in exchange”.Let the Panhellenic society be informed then, that 5 months after their unethical proposition, NO sterilization has been offered.The facades have finally been shattered.It has been revealed who the genuine volunteers and animal welfare vets are.

After the theatre of insanity played out in 5 acts, we are pleased to announce that the imagination of the P.V.S( for the time being) has been exhausted and that the programme of the sterilizations has been successfully completed.

As volunteers, animal welfare supporters,citizens, we wish to thank the European vets, who for 3 days, from morning to night, offered their services pro bono to the Municipality of Chania,sterilizing with professionalism approximately 80 stray animals,a well as to the members of the association ”the protection of animals” who contributed by every means for the successful completion of the programme.

We sincerely thank the Bar Association of Chania,who have yet once again,actively supported the programme of free sterilizations, arming us with legal arguments in favor of this institution.

The renewed effort of animal welfare organizations are supported by many scientific and social bodies while simultaneously congratulating us on our actions which prove to be only beneficial, and certainly for the animals themeselves.

Lastly, we express our warmest congratulations to Mr.M.Vlachakis,Deputy Mayor of Chania, for his courage and consistency with which he defended in actualizing the decision of the City Council,by being constantly present in the vicinity of the Public Vet’s Office and in contact with the District Attorney and Police Authorities whenever deemed necessary.We hope that this is the first step in a series of substantial actions in the reduction of the stray animal polulation in Chania.

As for the wrong direction the trade-union body of vets has taken, we have this to say:

Now that your masks have fallen beyond any shadow of a doubt,namely that you are interested in nothing else besides your corporate interests, decide if you intend to retract from public dialogue regarding the management of stray animals, in which until today you have caused only harm, or if you will change both attitude and policy,following the brilliant examples of vets in Chania who are amongst you, for whom we have the utmost respect and which we will continue to co-operate with.

Volunteerism,knowing no boundaries and corporate intentions, is indeed welcome from wherever it comes from, be it Greece or other European countries.

We are garetful to all the same.

For the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation

The President
Natasa Vyssinou Mpompolaki

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