“The Power of Sound”. Cretan Generation ‘Z’ Children Launch “I Have a Dream” – International Tour

Inspired by children from the Atlas School, Tavronitis, Crete, a UK singer/songwriter Sophia Wilmot-Josife is launching the “ I Have a Dream” T our with a talent competition. This will be held at The Academy, Kolymbari, Crete on Sunday 18th March at 17.00.

This event is not simply a talent competition with a single winner. It is about starting a conversation with young people for change. A conversation for compassion within communities around the world.

“Whatever the talent, I believe children need to be encouraged to find meaningful and measurable difference to their slice of the world. I set up The Power of Sound Company www.thepowerofsound.co.uk to create events to promote well being and help young people find their voice.” say’s Sophia.

The process of The Dream Tour experience organised by The Power of Sound in collaboration with schools, aims to help encourage young people to realise their own dream and to give them an opportunity to make a real difference for their community. Each school will use the funds they raise from the event for their chosen community project.

The Power of Sound team led by Sophia explore courage, connection and compassion through the art of performance working with the contestants all week running up to the event. This event aims to re-ignite every individual to find their own sense of fulfilment and inner happiness and to explore their Dreams.

The Atlas School contestants are working hard to give a special performance to help raise funds for the local medical bus for the elderly which urgently needs equipment.

This event is the launch pad for the first International tour which includes United Kingdom, USA, Dubai and Brussels.

A special Gala Awards Ceremony will be held in London in May 2019 to announce the overall community school project winner.

For Further Press Information contact Susan Wilmot-Josife 07811154462 ( +44 code).

Sophia’s CV

Sophia’s background has always involved working with young people. The year following Graduation from Edinburgh University she was entered into the Miss Universe Competition. Sophia used this opportunity to raise money and awareness of terminally ill children. Her passion for young people in general and their right to have a “Voice” led her to continue raising funds through performance in venues in London; and even busking on the streets.

The Power of Sound Limited was launched December 2017 with the aim of fulfilling children’ s dreams and taking a different approach on dealing with the increasing levels of mental health  problems facing young people today. She had watched and experienced the pain of one of her own brothers continually humiliated and bullied throughout his school years. Sophia also witnessed   too many of her own friends who selfharmed or suffered eating disorders or worse.

She continued with her career working with terminally ill children and also those who had the good fortune of fee-paying parents whose children she tutored privately. Through this work she began to see how children needed very little in order to either feel a failure; or feel worthwhile and have a positive fun loving approach to life. It was not to do with education, or background, or   even how long a child had to live. It was something else inside each child that could be tapped into that could make the difference to create positive outcomes.

With 2018 seeing the British Royal Family getting behind this chronic issue where 1 in 6 are reported to have mental health issues in the UK( ref source ; i ) Sophia decided to look at an alternative  approach. Rather than counselling children about their problems her approach with the art of performance was to get them to “feel again and remember who they were”; more than a statistic with  a mental health problem. Humans with power; power to receive and power to give. That by getting young people to work together, and as individuals magic could happen. Furthermore, that pain,  hurt, anger, and the need for more love could be changed into a positive force inside each child. That positive force being the miracle of knowing that inside each individual child was a light; that   was not only special and unique but that had a dream and a purpose.

Working with these two different groups of children who had totally different experiences and vision in terms of life expectancy gave Sophia the knowledge on which she has based her new  enterprise and wellness programmes.


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