TUI: Cretan hotel among 10 most popular for vegans

A Greek hotel, Apollonia Beach Resort in Crete is among 10 most popular for vegans, according to a recent report at

The German tour operator’s blog notes that eating vegan on vacation has not always been easy in the past few years. And even today, vegan dishes are more of a specialty in most hotels.

If you like to go on holiday there, where vegan dishes do not lead a loveless shadowy existence between sausage and cheese, it’s actually not always easy to find hotels with vegan cuisine, since preparing food without animal products requires know-how and, above all, a good deal of creativity.

So, TUI decided to present a list ten particularly popular hotels for vegans which included Apollonia Beach Resort in Crete, described as follows:

“Perfect for vegans traveling with children: The Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa in Crete has a large choice for both young and old. So no wish remains unfulfilled when dining. Whether vegan, vegetarian, or traditional local, the chefs at Apollonia Beach conjure up creative dishes to the best of their ability.”

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