The Money painting has been refused exhibition space in Chania, Crete

The digital copies of the painting have been made available on Social Media and leading Art Galleries worldwide including Athens, London and Berlin. New York galleries may now exhibit the painting.

The Bank of Greece has refused, in writing, to give permission for the Artwork.

No Gallery space in Chania will accept this painting which contains copy 500 euro notes with Human Blood. It is 2.5m x 1.8m wide.

Picture experts in Chania have refused to be associated with this painting in the lead up to the Easter Weekend. It is a statement painting about Money and is therefore considered to have Religious Significance. It is not for sale.

The Bishop of Chania (Eastern Orthodox Christian Church) has been advised of the painting over the Easter Period and weekend.

The Bank of England has not refused permission for the Painting from British Artist Jonathan aka Puto resident in Chania although there have been problems with the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

Top Greek lawyers have been involved in this area.

Jonathan aka Puto, the Artist, does not understand why there has been so much Cretan Fear in relation to the painting.

The ex-Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis has been provided with digital copies of the Painting together with his Wife who has worked closely with the new Museum of Modern Art in Athens who have also received digital copies of the Painting.

The Artist has had contact with the Picasso Foundation connected to the Painting. Picasso made a painting called “Demoiselles” which could not be exhibited publicly in 1907 for 9 years. John Craxton, a British artist in Chania met and knew Picasso.

His work, after death, has been alleged to have been destroyed by Cretan authorities.

El Greco had to leave Crete in order for his work to be progressed and accepted. Maybe we are seeing the same thing now, in 2018.

Please let me know how Chania, Crete wishes to “progress” in this matter. So it can be advised internationally.

Probably best to just attribute it to “Puto – the artist” – everyone here seems so frightened, so despite the Easter Weekend, since Jesus Christ challenged the bankers, best not to mention them?

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