British man arrested for photographing military facilities

A 74 year old British man who, according to some local press reports is a resident of Apokoronas, has been arrested by military security while taking photographs of the 115 Fighter Squadron facilities at the Souda air base last Thursday. He is held in police custody in Chania. on suspicion of breach of regulations that make photographing military facilities a criminal offence.

Police authorities have not released the mans name, but the investigations reportedly include looking at material on the man’s computer and telephone.

According to local reports the man claimed that he is a plane spotter but the authorities are not convinced, as it appears that the man has been known to the authorities for similar breaches of the photography embargo and are considering charging him with spying.

He was reportedly arrested at a point of the airport perimeter between the military and civilian airports from where he could have a full view of the facilities.

He is alleged to have had in his possession photographs of the 115 fighter squadron facility, the US base of the airport as well as of the Naval base. Authorities claim that he should have been aware of the sensitivity of the situation, particularly as it is said that he was a former employee of the British Civil Aviation Authority.

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