60 Second Guides To Your Next Vacation

Jetting off on holiday has always been one of the best ways to re-charge your batteries.

If you needed any convincing, then you’ll be pleased to hear that psychologists have claimed that lots of small short breaks [1] are more beneficial than waiting for one long holiday every year.

Great, but where to go? Most people are short on time, but desperately in need of a break.

These days, you can use the internet as inspiration for your future travels. Here are some great tools that can give you a glimpse into a destination and let you know whether it’s the right location for you.

Short on time? Read a 60-second quick guide
Quick city guides [2] are ideal for those with hectic lives and limited time. You can find everything from ‘short guides’ that have a read time of a few minutes [3], to 2 seconds reads. From everything from where to go, what to see and where to stay, travel guides are perfect for providing a snapshot of a destination, they’re easy to read, share and give just enough information for you to decide whether a location is suitable or not. If needed, you can always do a bit more research before you invest in booking your holiday.

Get a sneak preview
Not sure whether the Eiffel Tower in Paris is for you? Or maybe you want to see the landmarks of London before visiting them first hand. There are plenty of excellent mapping tools online which offer satellite, 3D and map views of the planet and allow users to see something on the other side of the world in seconds. Probably one of the best examples is Google Earth, which connects people to the places they’d like to see, without leaving the comfort of their sofa and just a swipe of the finger [4].

Read the world’s news
Nothing gives you a better sense of a destination’s culture, events and noteworthy events than checking out the local news. There are endless resources online, that cover national news through to travel information for holiday islands [5]. Many of them will cover more detailed information than travel guides so can be a useful resource. For a broader view, many reputable news outlets such as the BBC [6] and CBS produce coverage of the world’s news[7] in 60 seconds, which you can watch on Youtube.

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Jane Kirkland (freelance writer)

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