Greek wines don’t need to fear international competition, head of award-winning Semeli winery says

Greek wine has nothing to fear from international competition, the head of the Semeli winery Leonidas Nasiakos told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency in an interview published on Sunday.

The interview was given after yet another award for one of the company wines, the “Oreinos Helios” won the top prize for best dry rose in the “International Rose Championship 2018”. The company had earlier won an award for its “Aetheria Rose” at the international wine competition in Thessaloniki, where the label not only won a gold medal but was selected as the best rose in the competition.

“This fills us with pride and gives us the confidence to continue,” Nasiakos noted, while emphasising that Greece produces exceptional wines. “As a country we have excellent wines, unique native varieties that do not exist anywhere else, we have a very sound foundation to begin and it is up to us – all of us together and individually – to forge ahead, to knock on the doors of the international markets and open them,” he added.

The Semeli winery got off to a good start in 2018, on this score, with its wines now having reached the market of faraway Colombia, a distant country surrounded by strong wine-producing neighbours, and with good sales in Cyprus. “This shows that for Colombia…Greek wine is regarded highly in terms of quality,” Nasiakos noted.


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