PHOTOS: “The garbage bin problem in our village has gone on too long!”

A letter from a British expat, living in a village of Apokoronas

The area around the bins on the Aspro village road and the road between Almyrida and Gavalochori are a mess!

Garbage is piled up and stinks.

It is attracting rats and is become a health hazard!

Tourists are disgusted and tax payers like me are angry.

A backhoe MUST be brought in to pick up the garbage and the broken bins fixed or replaced immediately!

It has been like this for 3 months!

At Aspro, we have 3 bins.

One has a broken wheel and is turned over.

I asked the driver of the garbage truck to turn it but he would not.

There is a lot of construction garbage filling the other bins – so people are dumping all over the road now.

There are rental villas very close and it smells very bad and now there are rats.

I think you need to bring the big tractor now to scoop it all up.

Also, the bins along the road between Almyrida and Gavalochori are just as bad.

This will really hurt local business.

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