The experience of living one day like a Cretan! “We do local Days” in Creta Maris Beach Resort

  • A German lady cooks tzatziki.
  • A Swede makes dako.
  • And a kid from Holland rides Maritsa, a nice donkey.
  • And all together, dance pentozali during a traditional feast.

The above mentioned is not a science fiction scenario, but real activities that were carried out during the first thematic day of the “We do local Days” event held since this year by Creta Maris Beach Resort.

On Tuesday, May 15th, all the hotel’s activities were inspired by the “We do local” philosophy, thus giving to the guests the opportunity to live one day like Cretans and experience the habits and activities from the everyday life of the locals.

In this way, the first thematic day of the “We do local Days” event included an interactive cooking class and a Greek language lesson, while the little guests enjoyed rides with Maritsa, the donkey of the Creta Maris farm, which gave great pleasure to the children. In the evening a genuine Cretan feast with dances and songs was organized.

The guests were impressed and felt lucky to have the opportunity to experience the authentic Greek hospitality, to taste the famous Cretan gastronomy and to become members of the culture and traditions of the island.

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