Wineries in Crete and Northern Greece opened to the public this weekend

The wineries of northern Greece opened their doors to the public for the 14th consecutive year to welcome the public with a series of events, ANA reports.

The action “Open Doors” was organized in the wineries that are members of the “Wine routes of northern Greece” on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00.

Wine tasting, masterclasses, concerts and tours of the vineyards, as well as special events for the children, were offered to the visitors of the 22 wineries taking part in the action.

Furthermore, different wineries located all over the Greek island of Crete opened their cellars to wine lovers and visitors in general.

According to the Wines of Crete association, there are at least 10 different reasons to take a unique winery tour of Crete.

A Cretan winery tour gives locals and visitors the opportunity to travel around the spectacular landscape of the island, discovering a countryside made of local grape varieties as well as ancient olive groves.

The tour main’s goal is of course for visitors to try the Cretan wine labels as well as to discuss the 11 indigenous varieties and the vinification process with producers themselves.

Tourists will learn about experimental vinification processes of each winemaker while meeting local producers. This way they will get to know the people behind the labels and their philosophy.

It will be possible to also discover the production area as well as get to know how modern technology can be combined with such a great history of vinification such as found in Crete.

People will be encouraged to ask for advice on local wines and also purchase the excellent local quality at producers’ prices.

Local winemakers encourage their visitors to also sample the famous Cretan cuisine while also enjoying a great spring weekend on the island.

Restaurants taking part in the Open Cellar event during the weekend can be found in the following list.

On these days, it was also possible to buy a bottle of wine from a winery in Crete and enjoy it with a meal in a restaurant, just by showing the purchase receipt.

Wineries stayed open for visits between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. with free entrance.

For more information, please visit the official site of Wines of Crete.

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