“Zorba forever!” Summer Exhibition 2018

The Municipality of Platanias welcomes its visitors with a unique exhibition running this summer. An exhibition full of Crete, Greece and music…

For four months, the foreign and local visitors of Platanias will be able to ‘wander away’ through this exhibition that includes screenings of archival material and posters of the film Zorba the Greek, and that is housed in the venues of the OLEA Mall in Platanias.

A cinematographic myth and a syrtaki dance that became the universal soundtrack of Greece, in one of the most long-lasting advertising campaigns ever, which has been effective for over five decades.

The exhibition includes 51 authentic film posters of Michael Cacoyannis’s film, Zorba the Greek, and of its screening all over the world. Posters from France, England, Spain, Italy, Japan, Poland, Mexico, Latin America, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, the United States of America, Romania, Australia, Sweden, former Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Denmark, among many others, which were created by great artists from every country like Tealdi, Xarrie, Nistri, Ray, Syska, Erul, Jano, Mac, R.K, Chantrell, Vaka, Wengler a.o.

Dominating the exhibition, a giant size painted poster of 1.50 x 3.00 m produced by Studio FPV, which used to decorate the façade of a German movie theater. Corresponding works are exhibited in major museums of Europe and America.

Unpublished photos, mock-ups, production notes, Mikis Theodorakis’s original score, record publications, press releases, promotional material and other documents related to the film are also presented.

Special screenings about the film Zorba the Greek and its syrtaki dance, music composer Mikis Theodorakis, director Michael Cacoyannis, and original book by Nikos Kazantzakis are also taking place simultaneously in the exhibition area.

The collection belongs to Lefteris Lamprakis, an actor and collector from Chania, who curated the exhibition.

Duration of exhibition:  June – September 2018
Opening Hours: open daily 18:30 – 22:30
Place of exhibition: OLEA mall in Platanias

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