Traditional sheep shearing at Creta Maris Beach Resort

In the context of Creta Maris Beach Resort’s “We do local” philosophy, a traditional sheep shearing was organized, for seventh consecutive year, on Thursday June 7th, 2018.

The sheep shearing was held on the beach of the resort with cheese-making, traditional “antikristo” BBQ and music. The purpose of this activity was the visitors to experience the local lifestyle, thus making them communicants of Cretan customs and tradition.

The sheep shearing is a big celebration inextricably bound with the farming lifestyle of Crete. It is called the “feast of sheep” and its purpose is animals not to suffer from the heat of the summer.

It is a festive that takes place every year at the beginning of the summer, in which every farmer invites friends and relatives to help him in this challenging task and then celebrate all together.

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