Creta Maris Beach Resort: One of the “Greenest” and most Favorite resorts according to TUI guests!

“Tui Umwelt Champion 2018” & “Tui Top Quality 2018” Awards

Creta Maris Beach Resort has emerged as a top-quality but also as one of the “greenest” resorts, by receiving two great distinctions, the “Tui Umwelt Champion 2018” and “Tui Top Quality 2018” awards, from the world’s leading tourism group TUI!

With particularly strict criteria, the “Tui Umwelt Champion” award received by Creta Maris Beach Resort is one of the most important distinctions awarded by TUI, as the rating is given by the visitors themselves to those hotels that take actions to protect the environment and implement a sustainability program.

The Sustainability Program of Creta Maris is a key pillar of the resort’s operation, as reflected in the Sustainability Report that Creta Maris publishes the last five years, presenting in detail all the relevant actions.

The second distinction “TUI Top Quality” rewards the overall holidays’ experience enjoyed by the guests while staying at the hotel. The guests of the resort, distinguished Creta Maris for the provision of high quality services.

On the occasion of these two distinctions, the General Manager of Creta Maris Beach Resort, Mr. Nikos Vlassiadis stated the following: “These two awards are the result of Creta Maris’ team hard work, which aims to “Pleased customers who choose to visit us again”.

I would like to congratulate our team and each one of them, as our efforts for recycling, sustainable gardening and agriculture, our ecological actions, the systematic saving of energy, the promotion of our local culture and gastronomy, and the continuous improvement of our services year after year, bear fruit and they are recognized and rewarded by leading travel organizations such as TUI.

These rewards become a source of our inspiration and encouragement and give us strength to continue to give our best every day!”


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