New website helps Greek expats deal with country’s bureaucracy

As they met with fellow Greeks from abroad, two business partners — Stefanos Vamvakaris and Panagiotis Markos — sensed the increasing need for an online service to help overseas Greeks deal with red tape.

The idea first came to them while traveling to Greece for business, promoting their company Global Touch LTD which specializes in web design and tourism consulting.

As they met with Greeks from abroad, they saw the many difficulties expats encounter when trying to settle both professional and personal matters in Greece.

This led them to develop a new website called Greex. The site offers services in various categories so that Greeks abroad do not have to go to Greece to track down experts.

The website aims at assisting Greeks abroad with various services from highly experienced associates.

Help in legal, financial, taxation or real estate issues

Here’s how it works: Expats who require help in legal, financial, taxation or real estate issues need only to email Greex their request.

Greex also offers them solutions to social security, education, healthcare and tourism issues.

Once the team at Greex receives the email, they will respond and advise on the necessary steps to investigate or resolve the issue at hand.

For more information visit Greex’s website.

Read more at: Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi/greekreporter

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