First real heatwave for Summer 2018 hits Greece over the weekend

The first real heatwave for Greece this summer is here, after a wet and relatively cool June. According to local meteorologists, the heat will not be extreme, it will be moderate in intensity, but during the hot air masses, it will exceed 40°C.

On Saturday, as hot air gradually arrives from North Africa, temperatures will rise further. Thus, mercury in parts of Thessaly, central Macedonia, Peloponnese will rise up to 37-38 ° C.

In Athens on Saturday afternoon the thermometers are projected to reach 37 ° C as the maximum value. It will be a warm day on Saturday, but it will be transitional before the heat will come.

Sunday and Monday are expected to be the hottest days, where temperatures are expected to exceed 40 ° C in Athens, Macedonia, Central Greece, Evia, the Peloponnese, Crete and many of the islands.


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