Tax inspections on popular Mykonos island lead to shutdowns

Intensive inspections are in full progress around the most popular Greek destinations by tax authorities, particularly on the island of Mykonos, in the framework of a so-called “Triaena” (“Trident”) operation.

According to information, tax inspectors found two POS machines linked to Switzerland in the Louis Vuitton store in Mykonos and another one in the same company’s store in Nammos Village, where Spanish citizens working there were insured in the Spanish social insurance system (the authorities are examining the legality of this practice).

Tax inspections also found that the Kaluha beach bar in Paraga, Mykonos, failed to issue receipts worth 3,500 euros, while a tourist shop operating in the premises offered merchandise without purchase invoices.

Tax authorities imposed a 48-hour shutdown to the business.

In addition, tax authorities confiscated the daily turnover – worth 19,000 euros – at Catrine, a famous restaurant in Mykonos, because the business had tax arrears worth 380,000 euros.

A 48-hour shutdown was also imposed on a laundry business in Mykonos for failing to issue receipts worth 13,000 euros.


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