January 20, 2021



VIDEO: Fari the village of Crete for sale

This is the village of Crete that demands that the whole Athenian company buy it and turn it into a traditional tourist resort.

In order to do so, however, all owners will have to agree first and as it seems the procedures are still at an early stage.

With homeowners we spoke yesterday at the Fari for filming our video, they confirmed the facts and said they were positive about the impact of selling and exploiting their eroded village.

It is the deserted village of Ferri in the municipality of Faistos, located south of Psiloritis in the law of Heraklion.

A very beautiful hamlet that lived in life before it was abandoned by some 300 people who were looking for a better fortune in urban centers in the early 80’s.

Filmmaker : sarantos nikos

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