Live Like a Cretan in Creta Maris Beach Resort

Creta Maris’ guests got introduced to traditional Harvest and “Opsigias”, while they also learned the secrets of Cretan cuisine by making “Soutzoukia”

Having at the core of its philosophy the emergence of the Cretan way of life, culture and traditions of our country, Creta Maris Beach Resort organized two special events in August thus offering to its guests the chance to experience the authentic Crete.

This first event included an interactive cooking class, where participants learned first-hand the gourmet culture of the island by making one of the finest and most delicious Cretan desserts “Soutzoukia”, under the guidance of Mrs. Theano Metaxa, wife of the founder of the Metaxas Group, Nikolaos Metaxas.

According to Mrs. Theano Metaxa: ““Soutzoukia” is a rich dessert, mainly consisting of nuts (half walnuts preferably), grape must with flour, a thin thread, love, sun and air! Cretans used to make this dessert during this time of the year so to enjoy them also in the winter, as soutzoukia get preserved for a long time.

During the second event, Creta Maris Beach Resort guests and employees, guided by Maritsa, the donkey of Creta Maris, participated in the revival of one of the oldest Cretan customs, “Opsigias” (traditional production of raisins), a custom that tends to disappear in recent years.

The participants transported grapes from the vineyard to a central location of the resort, where they performed the immerse “lousidiasma” of the grapes in a large bucket full of water and potash and then proceeded to hang them in “opsigias” (a construction of parallel rows of metal joined together by wires), where they will remain hanged until they became raisins. At the end of the action the participants completed the authentic Cretan experience by tasting the famous Cretan Sultanina raisin, accompanied by aromatic tsikoudia from the Cretan vineyard, as well as by local dishes based on raisins.

These two actions where performed in the context of Creta Maris Beach Resort “We do local” philosophy and events. The fact that they were warmly embraced by the guest, who were thrilled to participate in them, justifies the continuous efforts of the resort to enrich the tourist experience, with authentic cultural events from the long Cretan tradition.

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