January 17, 2021



Creta Maris Beach Resort: Materializing the Promises!

5th Sustainability Report focusing on the Environment, People and Society

Creta Maris Beach Resort has published its 5th Sustainability Report, aiming at the presentation and awareness of all parties involved in the areas of sustainability, i.e. environmental protection, contribution to the local community and generally to the people.

The sustainability program of Creta Maris Beach Resort is one of the main pillars of the hotel’s operation and includes a series of multi-level actions that aim to:

– create better working conditions,

– provide improved hospitality services,

– inform and raise public awareness about ecological issues

– operate on the maximum sustainable level.

The areas of this program are the provision of Cretan – traditional services, the production of organic products and meals, the sustainable gardening practice, the environmental protection, the continuous cooperation with the community, the support for the local market, the continuous saving of energy, the promotion of local culture and gastronomy, combined with the continuous improvement of the resort’s services.

More precisely, based on the Sustainability Program applied by the hotel in 2017, an average of 580,000 Kwh of energy was saved, while a total of 10,200 kg of paper, 23,590 kg of glass, 1,210 kg of aluminum-iron, and other materials such as batteries, electrical equipment, and cooking oils were recycled.

Moreover, the hotel participated in the “Green Soap” recycling program operated by “Clean Hands” organization, aiming to become a zero-waste hotel, while apart of the well-known composting process, the resort participated in the “Food 4 Feed” program, where the resort contributes to the conversion of food waste into animal food.

Furthermore, the hotel’s sustainable operation resulted in a contribution of more than 1.7 million euros to the Greek National and Local economy due to the preference of Greek and Cretan products as well as the input of more than 5 million euros to the local community by employing 329 Cretan people, that is, 92% of the total number of people employed in the hotel.

The Chairman and Managing Director of Metaxas Group of Companies, Mr. Andreas Metaxas stated the following:

We are happy and proud, because we have done what we have promised to do. Having at the core of our philosophy the human factor, the protection of the environment and the support of the local societies, in which we operate, we have incorporated sustainability into the core of the operation of the hotels of our group, by promoting local culture and supporting the local production so that our guests could take a “piece of Greece” with them back to their home.

On the occasion of the publication of the 5th Sustainability Report, I personally commit that we will continue to contribute to the local and national economy, while offering an added value to the Greek tourism and empowering the local societies. 

All the above data were published in the annual Sustainability Report, published by Creta Maris since 2013, available at www.cretamaris.gr (CretaMaris / Sustainability Report / 2017)

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