Energy investments in Greece to reach 32 billion euros by 2030

Investments in the energy sector are expected to reach 32 billion euros by 2030, excluding investments in hydrocarbon research, Mihalis Verriopoulos, secretary-general of the Environment and Energy ministry said on Tuesday, addressing an event organised by the Energy Institute of Southeastern Europe on technological developments in the sector.

This figure will be included in detail in the energy plan for the period 2020-2030 to be unveiled for public consultation soon, he said. For research-technology-innovation, another parameter in energy planning, the goals set include those of finding solutions in sectors of energy saving, reducing dependence on coal, digitalisation of networks and smart networks, innovative technologies for the transfer and storage of energy. Verriopoulos said one of the challenges facing research activity in Greece was the small size of research activity and the small participation of enterprises in research.

Spending on research accounted for 1.01 pct of GDP in 2016, while enterprises’ spending on research was 0.43 pct of GDP. The goal is to boost research spending to 1.25 pct and 0.5 pct, respectively, by 2020.


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