There will be no pension cuts, Greek FinMin tells Parliament

There will be no pension cuts, Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said on Thursday, adding that the country will return to capital markets. 

Speaking in Parliament, during a debate on the 2019 draft budget plan, Tsakalotos strongly criticised the main opposition New Democracy party for investing in disaster and national division.

 The Finance Minister said that the Greek government, as all other governments in EU member-states, is moving ahead with interventions in a coherent and transparent way.

“There is no ambiguity on what the government suggests and what it will do. Pensions will not be cut, and we are using for it a portion of counter-measures worth 800 million euros more in spending,” he said, adding that the government managed to secure a fiscal cusion in 2018 and to implement earlier some positive intervention measures (children subsidy, etc).

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