Adoptions in Greece post significant increase in 2017

Adoptions in 2017 in Greece posted a 77 percent increase in comparison with 2016, the Independent Statistical Service (ELSTAT) announced on Thursday, attributed largely to remarriages.

Of the 393 adoptions, 198 were girls and 187 boys with the highest increase observed in the geographical region of the islands of the Aegean and Crete (93.8 pct), followed by the region of Attica (93.2 pct).

The greatest rise in adoptions (162.5 pct) was registered by individuals married to the child’s biological parent. The adoption of children born out of wedlock rose by 208.3 pct compard to 2016.

The majority of the adopted children range in age between 0 and 5 years (57.8 percent). The age range showing the sharpest rise concerned 6- to 10-year-olds which jumped to 140 pct.

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