An area of 1,534 hectares burnt in 2018 on Crete

An area of 1,534 hectares was burnt on Crete in 2018 by the fires that broke out on the island during the year.

According to the Fire Brigade, 556 fires burning farmland and forests occured in Crete, of which 225 fires occurred in the regional unit of Heraklion, 122 in the regional unit of Chania, 139 in the regional unit of Rethymno and 70 in the regional unit of Lasithi.

Most burnt areas were in Chania, where 1,061 hectares were burnt. In Heraklion, the burnt area was 85.7 hectares, 23.1 hectares in Rethymno and 364 in Lassithi.

In addition to fires in rural areas, the Fire Brigade in Crete was called upon to cope with urban fires, participated in search-and-rescue missions to find missing or injured people in mountain areas and assisted in 78 road traffic accidents.


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