Crete has a total of 32,535 non-Europen Union foreign residents

The foreign residents of Crete who come from countries outside the EU total 32,535, the regional directorate of foreigners and migration said on Friday, according to ANA.

Of these, 12,418 (or 38% of the total) live in Iraklio, the island’s main city; 9,652 (30%) in Chania; 6,225 (19%) in Rethymno; and 4,240 (13%) in Lassithi. All of them are permanent residents of the island with their families and contribute taxes and insurance payments as usual, it adeed.

The largest segment of the total comprises Albanian nationals (22,025 individuals, or 68% of the total), followed by Russians, Ukrainians, Indians, Georgians, Syrians, Pakistani, Moldavian, Serbs and Chinese. It should be noted that of the 1,181 Indian nationals living on Crete, 98% live and work in Rethymno.

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