Greek airports among Europe’s top-7 in passenger traffic

The great momentum of the Greek airports was recorded by Eurostat, which a few days ago released passenger traffic statistics of European countries. According to its figures, Greece is the 7th country (for 2017) with 50.1m passengers, only behing Europe’s biggest nations, reports.

If 2018, another record year, is taken into consideration, with the expected traffic exceeding 60m passengers, it can be easily explained why both Fraport and Athens “El. Venizelos” management have invested in the Greek market.

In Europe’s first place, are the UK airports with 264.6m passengers, followed by the German airports (with 212.3m) and Spanish airports (with 209.8m). France ranks fourth with 154m. passengers, Italy’s 5th with 144.3, and the Netherlands 6th, with 76.2m.

Also worth noting is the case of “El. Venizelos” Airport in Athens,  which ranked 22nd across Europe. Europe’s leading airport is London’s Heathrow with 78m passengers per year, Charles de Gaulle in Paris with 69m passengers per year and Schiphol in Amsterdam, with 68m passengers.

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