2019 expected to be a record year for Greece Exports

Greece exports are expected to have a record year due to strong growth, according to forecasts made by Greek exporters’ associations on the basis of export performance in 2018.

Speaking with AMNA, Christina Sakellaridis, the President of the Panhellenic Exporters’ Association noted that the figures for exports up to December 2018 indicated that Greece was heading for a historic high.

“In 2019 there should be a dynamic increase in our exports to new markets and new products with a new record being a visible target,” she said.

Greek exporters have also learned from their mistakes and acquired know-how and learned the best practices of other countries, enlisting technology and modernising customs offices, Sakellaridis added.

“We need the support of the state to design a national outward-oriented strategy with the consensus of all political forces in the country because the state establishes the legal framework in which we operate,” she said, noting that only investments and export activity can create more and better-paid jobs.

According to the Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece (SEVE), exports for the year may exceed 33-34 billion euros, which according to SEVE President Giorgos Konstantopoulos will be a record performance for Greece.

“This good outcome is a result of the unceasing efforts of Greek exporters, who in spite of serious problems continue to be the main pillar of the Greek economy,” he said in a statement to AMNA.

According to the Economy and Development ministry, in its Economic Developments Report for November and December, the government’s aim is for exports of Greek goods and services to increase from 30 pct of GDP at present to almost 50 pct of GDP by 2025.

In a report released by Trading Economics, exports in Greece increased to 3118.50 million euro in October from 2655.30 million euro in September of 2018. Exports in Greece averaged 1766.51 million euro from 2001 until 2018, reaching an all-time high of 3118.50 million euro in October of 2018.

Greece’s main exports are petroleum products, aluminium, medicament, fruits and nuts, fresh or dried, vegetables, prepared or preserved, and fish, fresh or frozen.

The country’s main export partners are Italy (11 percent of total exports); Germany (7 percent); Turkey (7 percent); Cyprus (6 percent); and Bulgaria (5 percent).


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